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Kumquat ice cream & cooking with Esther

Posted by
spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 9 February 2013 in Food & Cuisine and Portfolio.

There have been two things I've been very pleased with recently. First, I've been cooking more and making up my own recipes more. Second, Esther loves to cook with me, and is such a good helper in the kitchen!

Above is a pic of her & I making a second batch of kumquat ice cream. Made from the juice of mandarin oranges and bits of preserved kumquat, I really like this ice cream because it is sweet, fruity, but with a slight bitterness that appeals to me. Plus, there's kumquat bits in it. Nice!

Esther loves to help me cook, and this has been such a joy for me. For the kumquat ice cream, she helped to peel the oranges, remove the white rind bits, put them into the grinder, and even operated the grinder for me (it's a simple push down mechanism). She also helped me to hold the handheld mixer when whipping the egg whites, and watched with fascination as a created a kumquat syrup out of mandarin orange juice, brown sugar & slices of preserved kumquat. Oh, she also helped me strain the orange juice after it had been juiced.

After having 2 boys, who would be marginally interested in cooking, but never showed much proactive sustained interest in it, I am delighted to have a girl who actually begs me to cook so that she can cook with me. Just today, she pleaded with me to teach her how to wash the dishes. So I taught her how to rinse, soap, and rinse again. She carried out my instructions with the utmost seriousness and diligence. I tell you!

Anyway, I wanted to share my original kumquat ice cream recipe, here it is:

1. Peel 4 mandarin oranges, juice/blitz them, and strain to get the clear juice.
2. Blitz a handful of preserved kumquats till you get really small pieces. (If you put more than a handful, you'll get more of a preserved bitter orange taste, and you'll get more small bits in your ice cream. It's up to you whether you like that or not.)
3. Heat up the clear juice and the kumquat bits in a pan. Add 50g sugar. Heat till boiling point, and stir till the mixture becomes thicker, a bit syrupy. Set aside to cool.

4. Separate 4 eggs. Beat the egg whites till stiff, adding 50g sugar.
5. When your kumquat/mandarin orange syrup has cooled a bit, add 300ml heavy cream + the 4 egg yolks. Make sure your syrup has cooled before you add the cream and yolks, so that your yolks don't cook!

5. Fold the syrup/cream/yolk mixture into the stiff egg white mixture until combined.

6. Churn in ice cream maker for 30 minutes, then put in container, wrap in plastic, close and freeze.