A Lego-filled holiday

Posted by spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 3 December 2012 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

Apart from the theme of war, museums and defence, it is turning out to be quite a Lego-filled holiday as well! In the first week, Ben completed his first ever Lego Technic set--a crane that had an arm that could move up and down. Dan also put together a cool Ninjago Lego set a while ago, so the boys were busily playing with their new creations.

Then, at the beginning of this week, we were off to Legoland with the Soons! Thanks to Rachel's pre-bought promotion tickets, we sailed into Legoland without having to queue. We're not really a "theme park" family, so Legoland was full of "firsts" for our family. It was the boys' first ever rollercoaster ride, first ever theme park, first ever 4D show, first ever laser car ride! It was also the first time I ever saw a 4D show!

We had been warned that Legoland would be extremely hot. One of our friends was so dehydrated, he actually felt dizzy! So we came prepared with bottles of water. And thankfully, it was a cloudy day, that turned into a rainy one, so we didnt face a dehydration problem. The kids also adapted to the rain quite quickly. While seeking shelter in the covered playground area, they did some "water play" with the rain water that collected on the ground. Ahem. Not the most hygienic, but hey, nobody fell sick!

I thoroughly enjoyed Legoland, though I was sad that Esther did not come with us. She's too young to enjoy this, and still needs one nap a day, so we left her at home with Grandma. Good thing too--I think she would have been tired out by the 30minute to 45minute lines, and she might have freaked out at the 4D show. She definitely would not have been allowed on some of the rides, which had height restrictions too.

To top off our Lego theme, we went to The Art of Brick Exhibition at the Art Science Museum. The artist, Nathan Sawaya, displayed an amazing collection of Lego art, including human figurines, portraits, and even a huuuuge dinosaur skeleton! There were also little interaction stations where kids could create Lego versions of their face, pose in front of lights, practice building water droplets out of Lego, or just build something with Lego. I thought it was a very delightful & entertaining exhibition, and the kids loved it!

Finally, Daniel has been doing some Lego Mindstorms workshops by Atom Robots, and we've been practising and building Mindstorms models at home. I'm really bowled over by Mindstorms, and what it can do. I shall post about this next time.

Yahoo for Lego!


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