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Changi Cottage: Day 2 & 3

Posted by
spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 21 November 2012 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

Day 2 at Changi Cottage comprised us having Prata, You Tiao and Milo for breakfast at Mr Teh Tarik Coffeeshop at Changi Village. Of course, I had to try the Teh Tarik as well!

We then went in search of the Johore Battery which we found quite easily, located nearby within the Changi neighbourhood. The boys were fascinated that the guns were nicknamed "monster guns". We also found the entrance to an underground bunker!!! And, a sciency-type exhibit, where using a fulcrum, the kids were able to lift an 800kg shell! Lots of "teachable moments" there! =)

I suppose another highlight would be discovering frogs eggs in the drains at the Johore Battery. Intrepid and unsqueamish, my husband (of course!) found an empty discarded bottle and scooped up frogs eggs for the kids to observe them turning into tadpoles, froglets, and gulp! FROGS! (I have like 30 tadpoles atop my piano now. I have nightmares of waking up tomorrow to 30 frogs spread out throughout my house! Aggg!)

But moving on.

We soon were off to our next destination: Chek Jawa at Pulau Ubin. It was a long, humid walk, but enjoyable since we tend to be the sort of family that likes nature and walking. Mosquito repellent is a must though, but what made us forget about the bugs was revisiting some of the old places where we had previously taken family photos, and taking new ones again. See my previous entries here and here. We also had a nice seafoody lunch at Cheong Lian Yuen restaurant shack at the main Ubin village--very affordable & fresh seafood. Good prices, big portions. Totally recommended--it's the shack with the blue plastic chairs!

The afternoon was spent with my nephew, my extended family & Bim's parents. There was soccer, Beyblade, a round of night-hunting for crabs down by the beach for the boys, BBQ, and even... Ubin Durians, with mangosteens!!! =)

The next day (Day 3), we spent some time at the beach quietly digging dams and rivulets, before heading to Changi Chapel Museum. I was very surprised that the boys wanted to purchase the audio tour, and then proceeded to share the machine, walking side by side, and listening to every single audio entry & exhibit on the machine. There were 22 entries!! I think we were in there for over an hour!!! But I was happy--I'm glad they are keen on history, and learning about Singapore & World War Two.

This holiday has been full of fellowship with family & friends. Actually, this is one of the main distinctive features of staycations--you CAN invite family & friends cos they're all so nearby, so therefore you SHOULD, because when you go overseas, you don't have that opportunity. I really enjoyed the space & the charm of Changi Cottage. If anything, maybe next time, I'd want to stay 3 nights instead of 2! The 3rd day would be spent exploring Changi Beach, or going to Pasir Ris Park!