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Changi Cottage: Day 1

Posted by
spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 18 November 2012 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

The school holidays are upon us, and to kick them off, Husband had this great idea of renting an Aloha Government Chalet in Changi. This is the one we picked--at $350, for 3 bedrooms, a living, dining & kitchen area, a BBQ pit, and a big field facing the sea, I'm pretty sure it's a good deal. Put it this way--if we stayed in a hotel, we'd have to get 2 rooms (cos we're a family of 5) and there's no way we'd get anything for $350.

Changi Cottage was beautiful. What I really enjoyed was the big open grassy field in front of the chalet, where the kids played with kites & kicked around a soccer ball all night. I also loved the master bedroom which was on the second floor--it had a full length unhindered view of the water, and it was very cosy and comfortable!

I also really enjoyed having our DG over for bible study & barbecue fellowship. As the weather was good, we dragged the long dining table out and dined "under the stars" like they do in vineyards hoohoo! Holidays are always more enjoyable when you share them with friends. =)

The kids loved the chalet too--Daniel immediately said, "This is so big! It feels like we're in heaven!" Benjamin started making plans to live here FOREVER. And Esther was just happy walking around the grassy fields with her white umbrella.

There is something about wide open space that agrees with my kids. It's something sorely lacking in Singapore and something we treasure wherever and whenever we find it.

And here's some trivia for you: Changi Cottage is where Lee Kuan Yew stayed for months during the difficult period of Singapore's separation from Malaysia. He stayed here to recuperate, and to hide out, as people were afraid of retaliation from Malaysia. Hmm, so I was walking up the stairs LKY walked up? And strolling across the fields he strolled across? I feel so significant already! =)

Seriously though, we are making plans to start off every year end holidays with a short stay at Changi Cottage.

OK, but here are the downsides:
- We did find one cockroach in the boys' room!
- There were plenty of lizards and ants too! This is more of a chalet than a hotel, in terms of hygiene =)

And on the upside:
- We spotted a beautiful colourful woodpecker outside our cottage!
- Unlike other chalets, Changi Cottage is fenced off and private--you enter via a gate, you have your own private driveway, your own private grassy field that overlooks the beach/sea, your own private garden.
- there is a gate that leads you directly to the beach
- You really do feel like you're in England or in a faraway land while you're there!

Check it out if you can, but remember not to book the first weekend of the year end holidays ok? That's my family's spot! ;)

Tiff from Singapore

How about the kitchen facilities? Am told it is not airconditioned, does it mean kitchen is outside the cottage?

5 Sep 2013 9:08am