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Esther: an update

Posted by
spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 30 August 2012 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

August has been a month of change for Esther. She turned 2 in late July, and as per my other kids, turning 2 is a milestone in that that's when I start getting my kids to do things like getting them to feed themselves with a spoon, potty training them, getting them to sleep in their own beds.

So, Greg & May generously donated Aidan's toddler bed to us for Esther to sleep in. The boys (Husband, Daniel & Benjamin) spent an hour or two fixing it up and voila! Esther graduated from her playpen bed to a lovely wooden toddler bed, never mind the Transformer stickers!

The first few nights were comical (to us) because she kept falling OFF the bed. Our helper Julie reported that she'd here a THOCK! then a gentle whimper. She's put Esther back on the bed & Esther wld go back to sleep no problem. In the daytime, during her nap, we happened to walk past her door when THOCK! We heard her fall! HAHA. Her nap was shortened that day because we went in to pick her up.

But just so you don't think I'm a heartless negligent parent, I'll have you know that we've since sorted out the whole falling-off-the-bed thing. We've devised a way to wedge a table next to her bed, secured by an armchair! Plus, Esther has also wisened up and stopped rolling all over her bed. So she's sort of trained herself to sleep closer to one side than the other. And that's that!

Self-feeding has been going well too. I'm actually very impressed with how daintily and neatly she manages to get her spoon in her mouth, without dropping much food. This was CERTAINLY not the case with Daniel or Benjamin who were horrid eaters. Benjamin is still very messy and he's 5! I still believe that the key to self-feeding is making sure they are sufficiently hungry before putting them down for a meal. Otherwise you'll just get a whole bunch of dawdling, picking, and flicking.

And as for potty training--I was terribly pleased when a few weeks ago, Esther managed to pee in the potty by herself! Initially, it was all about us "catching" the pee moment and sliding a potty under her before she wet the floor! But just today, she was at the table eating when she said, "I want to pee." I scurried around finding the potty, half afraid she'd dirty my baby chair, but no, she waited, sat down on the potty, peed and then happily declared she had done so! So yes, there is progress. Improvement in self-awareness. Yahoo!

(She still poops in her diaper though!)

Coupled with the fact that Esther started school in July, I'd say that all the changes in August/Sep have been massive, but she's handling them well. The picture with the "4" on it is a craft she did from Gracefields, her school. I'm very happy that Esther is doing so well, and I praise God for the gift that she has been to us. Hallelujah!