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Family Exercise Time on Weekends

Posted by
spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 4 March 2012 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

Since about 6 months ago, we've instituted something called "Family Exercise Time" on Saturdays.

This will usually happen in the mornings or late afternoons. We'll wear our T-shirts, shorts and running shoes and go out to a park / reservoir. The boys will do a jog with Husband, while Esther and I saunter along behind them, or she gets pushed in the pram.

This past weekend, we had a particularly nice family exercise time. After waking the kids up, we headed to MacRitchie Reservoir and started off with breakfast at the Mushroom Cafe. Breakfast was kaya toast, banana bread, fish balls and nuggets. Not exactly a healthy way to start off Family Exercise Time, but yummy and enjoyable nonetheless!

There were some pretty aggressive monkeys near the cafe, and one even swooped down & stole the remainder of Daniel's kaya toast towards the end! Yikes!

Next up, Husband led the kids in a series of warm ups. This part of our exercise time is always very entertaining for me. Husband led the boys in stretches, bends, jumping jacks, push-ups and even.... burpees! Dan and Ben were very enthusiastic "burpers"! They also do the most dramatic stretches. I was taking loads of photos, of course.

Then came the run! The boys have been doing 15 minute jogs, which I think is decent for their age group. Usually, Ben is the better runner--slow and steady, he knows how to pace himself and perseveres. Dan, on the other hand, loves to sprint ahead like a man with his hair set on fire. After a short while, he loses his breath and has to stop and take a break.

Of course, we've been telling him to pace himself etcetc., but there was little improvement until recently, when Dan was asking me how one gets to be a commando during NS time. I blithely told him, "If you want to be a commando, you have to learn how to run properly. Long distances." He took in my words very seriously, then replied, "Let's go for more family runs then! I have 12 more years to practice!!"

So, this Saturday, Dan surprised all of us by running the full 15 minutes, well-paced, without stopping, and at a very decent pace. He is truly one kid who is very self-motivated, when he wants to be!

The run was made nicer also because there was a bevvy of activity going on at the reservoir. We enjoyed watching boys from various schools canoeing in the water, racing with each other, capsizing, or just plain practicing rowing back and forth.

As per normal, after the run, we took a family walk and spotted spiders, monkeys, snails, and other insects. Finally, Husband did some warm downs with the kids. If you look carefully at the picture at the bottom right, you'll see Esther attempting to "stretch" her legs just like the boys and Husband as they do their warm-downs. So furny!!

All in all, it was a great outing, I felt. Macritchie Reservoir is really such a beautiful nature gem in Singapore. And I felt very inspired by all the younguns around me, canoeing away, to ensure that I myself stay fit and active, even in my "old age"! =)