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Esther Turns One!

Posted by
spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 27 July 2011 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

After a record 10 blog entries in June, I have palefully turned in only two entries in July. The reason? July is, for our family, the month of birthday celebrations--there's my mum's, mine and my mum-in-law's, in that order (and in quick succession!), and then to top it all off, this year we celebrated a NEW birthday--Esther's! Yes, she turned 1 on 20 July!

The trouble with birthday celebrations is that you get too tired to blog, and too bloated with good food to type out long entries ! This was certainly the case this month, but I think Esther turning One is significant and worthy enough to write about, so I'm hauling my stuffed belly up and stretching out my fingers to do some reflection...

Esther has been, by far, my best baby. Daniel slept through the night at 7 weeks, Benjamin at 12 weeks. Esther topped the charts by sleeping from 11pm to 7am at 6 weeks! And she holds the record for being the most consistent baby--once she slept through the night at 6 weeks, she has NEVER woken up once. Since then. Ever. Nadda. Zero. Zilch. That's 46 weeks of good sleep for me--a true blessing from God, and of course, thanks to Gina Ford too! =)

Esther has been a true delight and joy. It is true what they say--you are stressed about your first kid, and having two kids is even more stressful because you are juggling so much! But when your third kid comes along--you ENJOY. Why? Because the first two kids are playing together well, and they're pretty much settled into a predictable stable routine. So, you get to enjoy the third kid while the first two go off to play--it's like having one kid all over again, but this time round, there's less stress cos you know better what to expect!

How true it is that a lot of the stress that arises from having a baby comes from not really knowing what the baby wants, needs, etc., By the third kid, the instincts are honed. There is some experience. There is Gina Ford. There is... a more relaxed mother and perhaps, therefore, an easier baby?!

Well, this is certainly the case with Esther. She has gone through the milestones smoothly--teething, sitting up, crawling, cruising, breast milk, formula, bottle, rice cereal, mashed and pureed foods, steamed stuff, porridge, and now... rice with soup and an array of finger foods! She's a welcoming and curious eater. She is an extremely cheerful baby, smiling almost always. And that hair! Ah!! I can totally see why daughters can be easily end up spoilt. But of course, this Tiger Mum will not spoil her daughter... haha.

Here is a quick update on Esther at 1 year old:

1. She has had her hair cut twice--by me! First time round, at 11 months, she ended up looking like a boy for a few weeks, before her hair grew out again. Eeps!

2. She can stand on her own if she does not notice she is doing so. The record? About almost 45 seconds!

3. She has no more stranger anxiety, but still wails like no tomorrow everytime you leave the room. But if you're in the room, she ignores you and plays with her toys. Che!

4. She loves finger food and will put anything in her mouth--she's tried lady's fingers, spinach with oyster sauce, whole macaroni pieces, bits of chicken, pork and ham, cucumber, but no...she has not tried her own birthday cakes!

5. She can clap, put her hands together to pray, point...

6. She absolutely loves animals, especially birds, dogs, small animals. Including stuffed toys or small plastic animals. She'll squeal with delight, her whole body will be filled with excitement, she'll point, blabber and smile when she sees animals!

So at the end of the day, I thank God for my daughter, and for my two sons. Esther does complete the family in many ways, and even though she is still at a tender age, I can honestly say I look forward to seeing her grow up and pray that she will be a godly sensible woman who will please God. =)

Dad from Singapore

Hooray ! (clap, clap, clap) for the very happy Mum who have done very well in bringing up 3 very lovely kids; 5 - 3 - 1 years old in that order. Yes, Esther - being the youngest - is the loveliest and beautiful of all ! If I may add, the July in the future will be pretty well be the month of birthday celebrations for the females in the family that you mentioned.

28 Jul 2011 3:19pm