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Esther is 9 months!

Posted by
spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 28 April 2011 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

Esther turned 9 months last week, so here's a quick update:

1. This month, she has tried raisins, toast, and cheese! She's getting increasingly good at picking up smaller bits and successfully putting them in her mouth.

2. She can move from lying down to sitting up pretty easily, and also, sitting up to standing. She's definitely cruising everywhere and is basically so mobile that it's impossible to work on a computer near her!

3. We've noticed something interesting. She will cry when someone new enters our house. But if she's out and about, or in church, she'll readily let strangers carry her. So, it's like, in her mind, the house is "her territory" and she's threatened by new people in her house, but not by new people when she meets them outside. ??!!

4. I'm beginning the practice of taking her out wherever we go, even if the activities are more for the boys. I'll take her to the library, to the water playground, to the park. I kind of want to include her in everything, unless I'm feeling sick or the timing is really inappropriate.

And, here's an update on our family. The last month has been a bit out of the ordinary as our helper left for home leave and then my husband was on a long business trip. Somehow, I managed to balance work as well as family life, thanks of course to a most understanding boss. To add to the stress, we are in the midst of packing up our house and moving! Our moving date is currently mid-May and I'm excited! But packing is horrid--there is just so much stuff to sort out, arrange to give away, donate and throw. It's endless. In the process, Esther has been left to crawl around the house here and there, while the boys form a self-sustaining eco-system and entertain themselves while helping me to watch her too. I can't wait to move! And for life to stabilise once again--probably in June.

These photos are taken by Alto who came to visit me one afternoon. Props on the great photography skills du!

I think I shall be posting pics of the new house soon. =)

alto from Singapore

aww. She's such a sweetie!
She didnt cry when i visited but i don't dare to carry her in church 'cos she stares at me as if she wld cry =P

29 Apr 2011 4:01am

Lynette from Gibraltar

OMG time really flies! She's nearly a toddler!
Are you moving from Spottiswoode?

13 May 2011 11:34am