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A big poster for Daddy!

Posted by
spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 18 January 2011 in Art & Design and Portfolio.

So yesterday afternoon we spent some time designing a nice big "Goodbye" poster for Daddy, who was leaving for a week-long work trip. This was the result--I drew the bubble words while the kids coloured in everything.

Daniel's idea was to surprise Daddy with this poster. When he came home slightly early from work though, we were caught "unprepared", but Daniel cheerfully said, "C'mon let's hide!" in front of Husband, and Dan and Ben proceeded to hide with the poster, then burst out in front of Daddy and yell, "Surprise!" Er... they're funny that way!

The most touching moment came when we were saying our nightly prayers before bed. Daniel was praying, "Dear Lord I pray we have a good day tomorrow and I pray for Daddy... (looong pause) that he would have (voice crack) a good time in Switzerland. Amen" At the long pause, I had half opened my eyes to see what was going on. There was a big lump in Daniel throat and when Benjamin proceeded to pray next, Daniel suddenly burst into tears! There was lots of hugging and bawling that proceeded. And it was really quite touching. I only managed to get him to cheer up by spending some time lying in bed with him (which I NEVER do), talking to him about our plans for the week, why Switzerland is actually very cold and it's not really a holiday, and how I'll teach him how to email and look at Daddy's updates via Facebook.

Daniel can be quite a touching person. He has these big round eyes and he looked so sad and miserable last night. Of course, after chatting a bit in bed, he was back to his normal self again, which was nice. I guess at this age, he is more aware of what it means when someone he loves leaves, unlike Benjamin who was completely clueless.

Karen, Yuk Yee, Nico, Graeme, Toby from Singapore

Awwww! How sweet! I hope you all have an enjoyable week even with Bim away. Would ask to get together with you guys but I am down with a strange and nasty virus -- very high fever but no runny nose or cough, only excruciating backache and chills that produce blue fingernails and numb hands.

18 Jan 2011 1:43pm

Dad from Singapore

A sure sign that there is love in the family ! We are happy that Dan has grown up well to understand and express this love in the way he do, like in this instance. And hope that Ben will also grow up soon to understand the need to stay together as a family or when a love one has to be away.

22 Jan 2011 4:37pm