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From caterpillar to butterfly! & video

Posted by
spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 27 December 2010 in Plant & Nature and Portfolio.

So we really have to thank Karen Kwek & Rachel Yeo for this wonderful Christmas present. Karen for telling me about Ohs Farm, this lovely little farm in Khatib that sells caterpillar kits and Rachel for taking all the trouble to drive to Khatib and buy the caterpillar kits for us, after I told her about the farm!

We received these 2 caterpillar kits about 1.5 weeks before Christmas. Each kit comprises a plastic container with 2 caterpillars inside. The cover of the container has been specially prepared to allow air to flow into the container. The farm also provided some leaves for the caterpillars to munch on, and some instructions on how to feed the caterpillar, clean the container and what to expect, in terms of how long the caterpillar would take to turn into a pupa, and then a butterfly.

We were supposed to clean the container everyday. But I need to fess up, I only cleaned it ONCE in the 3 to 4 days before the caterpillars turned into pupa. Heh heh. Lazy la. Still, cleaning was fuss free and very exciting. We had to get the caterpillar to leave the container by getting it to crawl on a stick provided by the farm. Then, remove the yellowing leaves and put fresh leaves in. The boys had never seen caterpillars up close. It was truly a fascinating experience.

When our 4 caterpillars became pupa, we sort of forgot about them a bit and shunted them to a corner. Then, on Boxing Day, upon returning from Church in the morning, lo and behold! A beautiful Butterfly appeared !!!! I caught a video of our experience and it's cool because halfway through filming, we noticed that a 2nd butterfly had emerged as well--it must have just emerged while we were filming the 1st butterfly!!! Watch the video here.

After a few hours, we released the two butterflies into the "wild" near our void deck. And since that day, we have had another butterfly emerge from its chrysalis and we are waiting for our fourth one to appear.

Thanks so much Rachel for the amazing gifts! And for those of you who want to get caterpillar kits from Ohs Farm, do check out their website and call them for more details! They do not state that they sell caterpillar kits on their website, but they actually do sell these kits, and I think they are $2 or $3 each, if I'm not wrong!

Rachel from Singapore, Singapore

It's $3 for a pair of the caterpillars in the container with a bunch of the leaves they eat.

27 Dec 2010 6:32am

Emma from Singapore

this is lovely! i still need to wait some years for my boy to be at the age when he can appreciate this. Now still at the stage of training him to take longer daytime naps.

9 Jan 2011 11:07pm

Karen, Yuk Yee, Nico, Graeme, Toby from Singapore

I must credit Deborah Chiam for telling me about Oh's Farm and giving us our very first caterpillar kit too! :)

18 Jan 2011 1:46pm