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esther lau's new toy

Posted by
spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 10 September 2010 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

so we borrowed this toy bear thingy from Joy & Andrew before they scooted off to Australia for their year of studying there. This week, I decided to set it up and see how esther would take to it. she was... mesmerised!

the toy, it's like a playgym, has got a huge bear face that stares right ... at ... her. and if u move the various parts, or the face, some nice "music from the carribean" will play, reminding you of the sea breeze, coconuts and hula hula dancers with grass skirts! she really likes the music! we now use this toy to keep her awake!

but if u think about it, it is actually kinda scary staring at a bear with big eyes and a blinking red nose all the time!! so i try not to let her stare at him too long...

when she's awake, the typical routine is as follows:

1. First, I'll ask Ben and/or Dan to come & entertain her while I pump. (I pump out all the remaining milk at the end of every feed, and store it.) They will typically pick a rattle and dance around her. They've taken to singing the National Anthem to her, and other Singapore songs (must be because National Day just passed!)

2. Then, we'll transfer her to the huge-bear-face-that-stares-right-at-her-and-emits-music-from-the-isles. Dan/Ben will help me to press the bear for music. I'm usually changing my clothes, writing down stuff, etc.,

3. After a while, we'll bring her whereever we go. If I need to wake Ben up from his nap, she comes with me to his room, and kicks about on the cushion on the floor, while Ben whines about waking up. If I need to fix myself or Dan a snack, she goes on her chair and onto the kitchen table, next to the sandwich I am buttering for Dan or myself. If I'm doing my QT, she goes in the playgym while I read my Bible next to her. Or, if the boys are hanging out in the living room, I take her with me and she gets to be part of the "noise" and "activity".

4. When she tires, we put her to sleep. Double swaddle. Then it's off to dreamland till the next feed!

Just a quick update on Esther:

1. She's taking 1 bottle of EBM at 11pmish, and sleeps through to 7am! Praise God!

2. She now poops in the morning a WHOLE LOT.

3. We're trying to get her hair to stop standing UP by applying olive oil to it before bathing her. Does anybody know any other method?

4. I really like her soft, gentle "don't hurt me" look! I think I am really enjoying having a daughter! =)

Panasonic DMC-LX3 1/30 second F/2.0 ISO 320 24 mm (35mm equiv.)

Joy from Australia

Yay, glad Esther likes the bear! Ethan took a month or so before he started looking at the bear. It can be a little frightening for newborns. But it's also exciting when they learn how to kick the ball. Hope she continues having fun with it!

12 Sep 2010 4:35am

sheri from Singapore

Wow, she's really plumping up! Good job, mummy! And glad to hear she's sleeping 8 hours straight. That must be a real relief. As for hair standing up, well, it'll sit down when it's long enough. Emma used to have that "shocked mohawk" look and I would be using water to pat it down frequently (never worked). Once it got long enough, and thus each strand was heavier, it just stayed down on its own.

18 Sep 2010 5:11am

Panasonic DMC-LX3
1/30 second
ISO 320
24 mm (35mm equiv.)