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Lego projects... again! Car Transporter Truck

Posted by
spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 8 June 2010 in Art & Design and Portfolio.

Dan's latest creation is a ... car transporter truck! Or more accurately, it's titled a "windmill tunnel transporter", I think, cos the set comes with a huge windmill and a large transporter truck, as well as a smaller emergency vehicle pick-up truck and 2-3 figurines.

This time, I was really amazed, almost stupefied that Daniel assembled the entire car transporter truck and windmill by himself! The story goes like this--I told Daniel that we'd only do Lego once a week, on Tuesdays. The reason? Well, it's a selfish one--I don't really like mini-Lego! Isn't it annoying that instead of giving you a fire extinguisher, they make you build it out of 15 miniscule parts? The last time we did a huge Lego project, I was out of breath and had a huge headache cos Dan wasn't old enough to do it by himself, so I had to keep checking on him and helping him here and there. Then, last week--the first week of the June hols, we did a Spiderman jet which I actually quite enjoyed cos it was just the right amount of Lego for me. Not too long. BUT, Dan kept pestering me with, "Can we do Lego today?" like every 2 hours since then, so finally, on Thursday last week, I caved in and we built a Lego Fire Station--now THAT was really tiring for me! Once again, I felt the need to do it with him cos I didn't want him to get Step 5 wrong and get to Step 59 and be unable to do that, and have to re-do everything. The result was an extremely harrassed Mummy because this Fire Station was elaborate. Dan, on the other hand, seemed to have endless patience, and even as I was lying flat on the floor weeping in exhaustion, he kept going. It took us till after dinner to complete the darn thing. And I made him promise that the next time we do Lego, it'll be ONCE A WEEK and HE"LL HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING HIMSELF.

Somehow, I thought that would make him stop pestering me, but NO.... the pestering persisted, so YESTERDAY, (which is NOT the prescribed Lego Day!!) I caved in again and took out this huuuuge set of Lego that Husband had bought on sale (!) a while ago. The car transporter truck set has 400+ pieces. "Nah, do this yourself!" I said, almost nastily with grumpy pursed lips. I swear, Dan's entire face lit up. And off he went!

I spent the next 2.5 hours staring at him in awe (and respect!) as he pieced together the car transporter truck. Ben and I did the emergency pick-up truck together, and we pieced together the tower too. And Dan completed the windmill blades & engine this afternoon, while Ben was napping. I counted--Dan put together about 300 pieces by himself, while Ben & myself did the remaining pieces...

I tell you... this makes me so happy because:

1. I will never have to do mini-Lego with Dan again! Oh wait, but I still have to do it with Ben... dope! At least, Ben's Lego projects are much less complicated. =)

2. I am really in awe of Dan's abilities! He constantly amazes me--sometimes, he can be so hyper active and noisy. Usually, this occurs when we are outside, with friends. Why can't I have one of those kids that's noisy at home but really shy when he goes out? If he has no one to talk to, he talks to himself in strange squeaky voices. He hops instead of walks. He's just very very energetic! But throw a couple of ridiculously minute blocks his way, and suddenly, the room is quiet for hours and he's busy flipping through instruction booklets, putting pieces together and creating... amazing-objects-that-even-his-Mum-has-no-patience-for. I feel like I have found the Holy Grail to keeping him occupied! Or something...

3. Despite my lack of stamina for Lego, I actually do think Lego is a great thing for kids to play with. I spent last night looking at the Lego website and was amazed at how much variety and how intricate Lego projects can get! I think Lego is really worth investing in, but of course, I'm also looking out for sales la! This particular set we bought was going for $69.90 when the original price was $129.90. Lego can be quite expensive...

So, here's to more independent Lego projects! Oh and if anyone knows of any Lego sales coming up, do let me know!

p.s. I did have to come in twice to correct Dan when he put pieces the wrong way, and consequently, could not move onto the next step. But other than that, he worked all by himself! Respect, man!

Jenny from Singapore

Lego Sales at Robinsons now. Saw it on "Today" news, dated 17 Jan 2010

17 Jun 2010 3:19am