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Posted by spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 31 May 2010 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

A last minute invitation led to our family meeting up with the Soon family at Pasir Ris Park on Saturday morning, cos Dan's usual swimming class was cancelled. It turned out to be really fun--the Soons brought along 2 butterfly nets & several spades and buckets, and Dan immediately started pretending he was digging for dinosaur bones. He found a brontasaurus tooth and a tyrannesaurus rex tail. We were all suitably impressed. He also managed to "net" a moth. En caught a grasshopper. Ben.... caught a coconut. (Haha, that wasn't too difficult!)

The most interesting part of the outing occurred at lunchtime, at Changi Village. En was quite sad as she caught a beetle but then let it go when we left the park. Before we ate, there was a good period of 15-20 minutes when Dan went over to talk to En and he actually comforted her! Husband went over to snap pictures of them together, and overheard this conversation:

En: I miss my beetle.
Dan: Ne mind la. You can always catch another one. See? The world has so many beetles. You can always catch more.
En: But I miss MY beetle.
Dan: It's ok. It's ok. Anyway, the beetle is black. See? So many beetles are black. All the same la.

Then, Dan suggested they play scissors-paper-stone, and before long, En was slightly cheered up and playing. Dan later told me in the car that he won En 5 times at scissors-paper-stone and she only won 2 times. So competitive eh...

I'm really happy that Dan showed empathy to En in such a nice way. Needless to say, we praised him to bits in the car on the way home, telling him it's good to help people when they are sad.

I also thought it was really so cute that the two of them were talking so seriously about the whole thing.

One final thing--now that we're expecting a girl, I have started to notice the differences between boys and girls. Hmm... seems like girls can indeed be more sensitive than boys, not necessarily in a bad way. Caring for animals/pets is quite nurturing & maternal. But whereas Dan & Ben are happy to drop their toys, insects, and other things they've collected in the park, girls are slightly more emotional. So cuute! Something for me to take note of for future reference. Ha ha!

Daryl from VIC, Australia

Congrats! When are u due? I have "watched" Dan and Ben grow up from your blog to here. It's awesome news Ruth and Bim.

31 May 2010 11:58am

spots from Singapore, Singapore

Hi Daryl, I'm due 9 August 2010! National Day Baby =)

31 May 2010 2:26pm

Rachel from Singapore

I love this "brooding girl" shot of EN! so farney!!!! thanks, am gonna link this on my blog!

1 Jun 2010 7:42am

spots from Singapore, Singapore

haha ok =) i'll send u some more pics, tho not many le...

1 Jun 2010 9:45am

Emily from United States

Sooooo cute! Dan is such a sweetie. Yes you'll find out boys are different from girls, and having both makes life very interesting!

5 Jun 2010 5:05pm


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