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Our first major lego project

Posted by
spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 9 December 2009 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

Daniel and I worked on our first major lego project this morning. And it took us almost FOUR HOURS!!

Silly me. After reading to him in the morning, it was about 9am and I thought, "OK, we'll start on the project now, and then by 10am, we can go shopping at Tangs!" This lego project took us all the way till lunch time, at 11.45am, then we had a 30 min lunch break, and then we went all the way till 1pm!! I actually feel quite giddy and tired after it all!!

And Daniel? He totally wanted to keep going. I was pleading with him half way through, "Can we please finish this another day?" But he didn't seem perturbed at all. So in the end, Mummy had to grit her teeth and keep going. I have to say, I love lego and all.... but I'm exhausted!!

The finished product however is really fantastic. You can take a look at the official product website here. It consists of a huge helicopter, with 2 doors that work on hinges and can slide open and closed. There are also 2 propellers--the top one has 6 blades and the tail one has 4 blades. There is also a futuristic-looking life raft, which is hexagon-shaped and has a rooftop, making it a sort of cute looking box! There are 4 people--2 helicopter drivers, 1 guy for the back, and 1 guy for the futuristic-looking life raft. There is also a lego shark, and a stretcher. Nice touches! And the best part--the helicopter has a pulley system! You have to attach a rope to it (provided) and you can extend the rope down (to rescue people) and then press a button to pull the rope back up. The end of the rope also has a hook which you can hook onto the life raft to pull it up. Or, you can replace the hook with a special lego part that "joins" to the rescue worker, so that he can be lowered or lifted from the helicopter! Quite cool actually!

As always, I am totally impressed with lego. And I was quite pleased with Dan's willingness to follow visual instructions & search for the most miniscule of lego parts. (Very often, it was I who was the one getting impatient!!) He didn't always get the placement of parts correct, and I did have to remind him several times not to "skip" steps... but all in all, it was definitely an enjoyable time.

Lego rocks!

But maybe next time, I'll buy something slightly more manageable and Daniel can build it on his own. Or, I'll get Husband to help him. 4 hour Lego building sessions are definitely beyond my limit!

Rags from Plano, United States

It looks like he likes his toys.

9 Dec 2009 3:28pm