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Dan at kay poh baptist church kindergarten

Posted by
spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 28 August 2009 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

So Dan has been going to a new school since 29 June 2009. It's been a very positive experience so far and I am so thankful to God we found this small, church kindergarten, which is just a 10 minute drive from our house.

Here is Dan in his uniform. I drive him to school in the mornings, while a nice medium sized van, with "kay poh baptist church kindergarten" emblazoned on the side, drives him home. Schools starts promptly at 8.30am with assembly time--3 times a week, they sing Christian songs & pray in English while the rest of the time, singing & prayer is in Chinese. Then, it's off to classess--English, Math, Chinese, snack & music.

I was very proud of Daniel that from Day ONE, I did not need to stay back or follow him to class. I did stay a short bit till assembly time was about to start, and he happily followed the teacher & his classmates out. That day, and the rest of the week, I had a big lump in my throat every time I dropped him off and he pitter pattered his way into the assembly hall by himself. I really felt like he had "grown up".

The school requires him to wear a uniform, white shoes & socks and carry the "kay poh baptist church kindergarten" bag. At first, I thought the bag was a bit "over-doing" it, but then I quickly realised that it is not a bad idea for the kids to be "uniform"--as this prevents the "poorer" kids from feeling left out, if the "richer" kids carry fancy bags to school.

I am also really amazed at how much Daniel is learning from his teacher, Mrs Arul. Nowadays, he can tell me exactly what he learnt, in great detail, which is a FAR CRY from when he was in the childcare downstairs. I suppose it was a happy coincidence that this semester, the class started off by learning about TRANSPORTATION for 4 weeks! Dan's favourite topic--no wonder he could retain so much! For National Day week, to top off the TRANSPORTATION theme, Dan went on a class trip for a DUCK TOUR. Oh my goodness, you can just imagine his excitement.

Now, the class is learning about Occupations. Dan told me that a REAL PILOT and a REAL FIREMAN came to talk to the class. I later confirmed this with the teacher--thought he was making it up! And now, apparently, he's learning about doctors.

It's really great to be able to talk to Dan about what happens in school. In the previous childcare, all he ever said about school was, "A B C D". Apparently, that's all they were teaching him. Now, he talks about icebergs, the music cupboard on the top floor which has lots of instruments, a bicycle race they had, the rabbits they played with, and of course, what he ate for snacks (which is a very important element of the day!)

Oh! And my mum was MOST impressed that Dan was able to memorise and recite several chinese poems correctly after about 4 weeks of school. She kept making him "perform" in front of other relatives! Aiyoh...

But the best thing about Kay Poh Baptist so far is being able to talk to Dan's teacher about him and have confidence that she understands him and can manage him well. After the first few days, we had a chat and it was clear that she had correctly sized him up, strengths and all, and was doing well in coping with him.

Now I just can't wait for Ben to join his brother--they don't have a class for Ben's age group this year, but next year, he'll be going for the pre-nursery class. And one last thing--Kay Poh Baptist is the only kindy I know of that teaches CHESS to its K2 students. Can you beat that? CHESS!

When you find a good school for your kids, you want to make sure your kids continue to go there. This is definitely the case with Kay Poh Baptist

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angela from Singapore

This is EXACTLY how I feel when I put my kids with Catholic Kindergarten at Flower Road. I don't even need to send them for any extra classes outside school, and they come back reciting chinese poems as well as singing english songs which rhymes and best of all, both of them (age 2.75 and 4.75 years old) can say the Lord's prayer and sing some hymns! Isn't this great? ;)

28 Aug 2009 12:28pm

Dad from Singapore

I am happy that Dan has no problem in adapting into a proper "school" environment, including the daily van journey. Impressed too is his ability to acquire new skills like reading Chinese poems. Hope too that Ben can catch up too - with his "mimic" style - of his brother's linguistic ways (of course, good ones).

31 Aug 2009 8:21am

Verna from United States

Wow! Dan is all grown up!

1 Sep 2009 9:05pm

Dorothy Lim from Singapore

Hi, my husband and I were scouting for a kindi to send my son to, and we chanced upon the one in Kay Poh Road Baptist. After a site visit, we found the teachers warm and "motherly" (in a nice way), the environment cosy, and the children were rowdy and happy to be in school! We loved the music room with its full-length mirrors. And after a few more visits to other kindis, we decided that our son would go to this one. He was of the same opinion! Now after reading your blog, I am even more convinced. Thanks so much for sharing.

12 Oct 2009 4:38pm

spots from Singapore, Singapore

Yes, I'm glad to have your "review" of kay poh baptist too :) Thank YOU for sharing!!!

13 Oct 2009 7:45am

Gracey from Singapore

Hi. Its abt 2 years since you wrote this blog. I am about to send my 2+ yr old girl to Prenursery next year 2013. please share do you still think the same about KPBK... there isn't much reviews on website and yours is the only one and appreciate your thoughts Thanks!

27 Nov 2012 4:44pm

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