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Sick children

Posted by
spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 29 January 2008 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

After much thought, I have come to the conclusion that:

a) Nothing makes you feel as helpless as having your young children fall sick
b) Nothing makes you love them more than when they are sick

It's been a tough week. Since last Tuesday, both kids have been throwing up at every meal. Daniel also had diarrhoea (the really runny sort that even a diaper can't hold and so it ends up spilling onto the floor!) till last Friday. Then, Ben started having diarrhoea and that's lasted till today. We gave him lacteol fort, cut out fruits and veggies, and have started him on soy milk. I also brought him to the doctor yesterday (Day 5 of diarrhoea) but she said she would hold off on the anti-biotics for a few more days. Hmmph. While Dan has recovered fully & is back to his squirrely loud & boisterous self, Ben has been a bit low energy. His face is visibly sharper & his arms and legs less fleshy. On his first day of diarrhoea, he had 4 diarrhoea splats in 2 hours. There was not much improvement on the 2nd , 3rd and 4th day. Only yesterday and today, his poop (and his good disposition) seems to be returning, albeit slowly. This is Ben's first MAJOR illness in his life. Previously, when he caught something from Dan, we'd just give him panadol and, even if it were a pretty high fever or a serious runny nose, it would pretty much resolve itself after a short period. But 6 days of diarrhoea.... hmm.

Anyway, please do pray for Ben. In the midst of the kids' illness, I actually caught a cough/cold bug - a completely separate illness. Then, last Friday, I caught the stomach flu bug that's been bothering my kids -- I threw up my dinner. On Tuesday, I had terrible runs of diarrhoea into the middle of the night. And I'm just starting to feel better myself.

What can I say?
Pray pray pray pray pray

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farmermarn from Baltimore, United States

Poor babies!
My son has only been sick once and it lasted only a few hours.
It was heartbreaking!

I wish them the best and a speedy recovery.

30 Jan 2008 2:04am

Rene from Singapore

Hi Ruth, Sorry to hear that both kids are sick. My girl caught a similar bug once with diarrhoea that lasted almost a week with one full day of puking. It is really depressing and heartbreaking to have a sick child on hand. Take comfort to know that kids are more resilent than we think and there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Take care of yourself too!

30 Jan 2008 2:39am

tyan from Singapore, Singapore

i know what you mean,its tough.Caleb also had diarrhoea when he was younger and he lost so much weight his puffy face was reduced to a upside down 'triangle',and the doc was about to send him to hospital for a drip,during chinese new year period a few years back i cried myself to bits imagining all the needles poking his little hands.Perhaps its the flu season,Caleb also caught a bad case of flu and fever and havent been able to go to school this whole week,and i just heard that sinister cough from Ian just now.Sigh.Do take care of yourself,your family needs you,and hey Ben looks like he is braving a smile here and saying,'Mommy,no worries,i will get well soon in no time!Cheer up!'

30 Jan 2008 3:22am

benjamin from Singapore

Hi ruth!!

man... the sickness is evil....

that by His Name we have the blessings and joy of the Lord..

God, i pray that ben, dan and ruth will be healed and running about in no time:D
that You bless them with joy and peace and strength!

thank You lord..

there u go:D
so claim healing ruth:D
stay happy:D

30 Jan 2008 5:18pm

Dad from Singapore

We have been very busy and not have access to the internet. We just got the PC set up today. :-) Although we knew that Dan had slight fever when we were with him a week ago, we didn't know he and Ben - including you - would be so sick as you described it. We will see them today and hopefully cheer them up to get better.

1 Feb 2008 1:14am

1/30 second
ISO 1600
8 mm