Ben: drinking from a straw

Posted by spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 9 December 2007 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

I taught Ben how to drink from a straw. At first, he didn't know what was going on. He kept chewing at the straw. Then, he even blowed into it. But after a lot of exaggerated gesticulations on my part (think Mommy puckering her lips like a sucker fish), he finally got it, about 2 weeks ago! Since then, it's become like a game. Let's see how much water I can get in my mouth with this strange thang. suck suck suck suck suck cough suck suck cough.

It's great, especially since Ben is eating quite a lot of "solid"-y type foods now - thick porridge, mashed (not pureed) carrot & sweet potato, mashed baked beans, etc. - so more hydration is important.

Emily from Chicago, United States

good job ben! can you teach my son? haha. he doesn't know how to drink from bottle, sippy cup or straw cup!

10 Dec 2007 8:35am

tyan from Singapore, Singapore

wow!I am impressed!Ian is amonth older but hasnt learnt how to sip from straw too,maybe i didnt give him intensive enough lessons,haha.Thanks for popping by my blog,and thanks for your kind encouragement...very honeslt i didnt see you at creche,you know its like sometimes when u are so distracted you just stare at a person but you are sort of looking through the person but not looking at the person,if u know what i mean?haha,previously when i s saw you,i wasnt sure if you knew me so i didnt approach u,shy la,haha.I noticed Daniel wasnt very cheerful at creche last sunday,quite grouchy,but so was Caleb,haha.

btw ben is beginning to look really more like you!:)

10 Dec 2007 9:29am

tyan from Singapore, Singapore

when i give tuition,i actually bring the kids to my mom's place,she has a helper who will babysit them while i i cram all my tuition to one or 2 days..but i cant go often cos my mom works and dad gets cranky when too many children are around..

10 Dec 2007 9:45am

Dad from Singapore

Ben sure is learning to eat and drink fast. Careful he doesn't take in too much...... :-)

10 Dec 2007 3:06pm

kairospix from Singapore, Singapore

it's always a joy to see one' child succedd in learning new things!

10 Dec 2007 3:28pm

Jo from Singapore

Nice boy u got there =)
chance upon ur blog via freiend's recommandation. Tried ur cranberry chocolate cookies
really nice n yummy.. Thank You

17 Dec 2007 4:26am

Mama BoK from Yarmouth, Canada

Pretty smart.. :) chloe didn't start till she was almost 3.. :)

24 Dec 2007 7:35am

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