Borders Bistro???

Posted by spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 2 November 2007 in Cityscape & Urban and Portfolio.

So there's this really dirty, dangy 24-hour Indian prata shop along the main road outside my house. When I walked past a few days ago, it was all boarded up with this sign.

Borders is taking over the Indian prata shop???????

Wayne from Melbourne, Australia

Haha perhaps they're just reusing the signage...but I reckon it would be pretty cool to live right next to a boarders...It'd be like a second home (at least until closing time)

3 Nov 2007 7:25pm

Jianlong from Singapore

So THAT's why it's Orders istro!! I didn't realise the B was missing from both.

No, looks like the Indian store is just undergoing a revamp. I pass quite close to it everyday when waiting for my bus. I work just opposite - the Duke-NUS GMS site further up Kg Bahru Road.

16 Nov 2007 5:42am

Fujifilm FinePix F10
1/140 second
ISO 200
21 mm


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