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Roast duck

Posted by
spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 3 September 2007 in Food & Cuisine and Portfolio.

My first foray into roast duck. And more forays are soon to come as we prepare for yet another gathering... if anybody has any tips, pl feel free to share!

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Wayne from Melbourne, Australia

Would it be too much trouble to ask you for the recipe? =)

4 Sep 2007 5:10am

spots from Singapore

I'm working on perfecting it first la :) will post it in the next few weeks :)

4 Sep 2007 6:15am

Wayne from Melbourne, Australia

haha why don't you let me try too. I'm hosting a Sambal Stingray/ BBQ night next week (My fishmonger FINALLY stocks skate). I could try my hand at it =)

4 Sep 2007 6:48am

tyan from Singapore, Singapore

wow,you did this!looks so very pro leh!my gosh!you are really talented babe.yes,if it is not too much of a trouble,please post recipe:)

4 Sep 2007 9:15am

spots from Singapore

Er,,... ok. Jus for yoo... Here's the recipe: ^__^

1. Take duck (between 3 to 4 pounds) and rinse clean. Then, take fork and poke the duck skin EVERYWHERE. And I mean EVERYWHERE. This releases the fat - and thus, will make skin crispier. Then, pour boiling water over the duck. This tightens the duck skin, to make skin crispier. Then, third step is... *okay, please don't laugh*... take a hairdryer and BLOW DRY YOUR DUCK inside and outside. The idea is to make your duck absolutely thoroughly DRY - so as to make the skin crispier.

So, once again, it's POKE, POUR, BLOWDRY.

2. The rest of the recipe is much more normal, trust me. ^__^ Spread salt & pepper over duck. Then, make the glaze in a small pot over stove. Consists of 2tb soya sauce, 1/2 cup water, 1tb honey, 1tb hua tiao jiu, 2ts brown sugar and a few dashes of five spice powder. Mix together till everything is boiling. Stir and then paint the glaze over the duck on both sides.

3. Preheat oven 200 degrees. For 3 to 4 pound duck, try 1 hour of roasting. Start with breast side down. Paint the glaze over again. 30 minutes. Then, turn over, paint glaze over. Another 30 minutes. That's it.

When roasting, place duck on roasting rack and place tray below to catch all the juices that drip. Placing duck on rack also ensures the duck doesn't sit in its juices, causing skin to be soggy.

Having said all of this, I'm still not entirely happy with my duck. It came out more of the South Buona Vista boneless duck stall variety, as opposed to those wonderfully crispy hong Kong ducks you see glistening in Crystal Jade kitchens or the like. Next weekend, if I have time, I'm going to try a completely different recipe to see if I can achieve that crispy duck effect. And this time, it'll involve frying the duck in oil... as if it weren't oily enough!!! Wish me luck!

4 Sep 2007 2:52pm

Wayne from Melbourne, Australia

Its kinda like your roast chicken recipe that calls for absolute dryness

I live in an all guys hair dryer at all =D I'll try it out!

4 Sep 2007 9:42pm

tyan from Singapore, Singapore

wow...thanks babe!my 1st thought was 'poor duck'!Aiya,its to be eaten anyway,lol.will try this soon!(anywhere from now till year end,hahaha)You reckon it'd be ok if i do chicken?:)

5 Sep 2007 3:51pm

cheryl ng from Doha, Qatar

Hi Ruth ,

As u know , or maybe u don't, I have been reading your web since I am in Spore and out of Spore as well, I have been checking thru some of your receipe and spotted this chawamushi , however it requires " a cup of chicken stock " as specified in your receipe , the question is how to prepare chicken stock ? I was completely smitten by it : ( in any case , I am not a duck person , so this is out for me ,and too complicated but I did try your grilled chicken using oven is really easy and yummy ! Your receipe somewhat comes in handy for me : )
Oh yes ,Ben needless to say is just a "carbon copy" of Bim . He is cute isn't he : )

6 Sep 2007 7:24am

spots from Singapore, Singapore

Hi Cheryl, I usually buy my chicken stock - I buy the Swanson brand. It comes in tin cans or cartons. But, you can also buy Knorr chicken stock, which may be more available where you are? You know those Knorr cubes? Jus follow the instructions on the box to make the stock lor, e.., usually it's something like add boiling water to 1 cube, stir etc.,

7 Sep 2007 6:03am

cheryl ng from Doha, Qatar

HI Ruth ,
Oh I see , that's easy : ) ..( I thought you made it yourself )Thanks , Knorr cubes is availble here ,but not Swanson , Chinese ingredient /food is really limited here moreover expensive, let alone Japanese food .It cost a fortune just to munch those seaweeds..

9 Sep 2007 7:34am

1/70 second
ISO 1600
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