Ben: Bumbo-ed on Craigslist!

Posted by spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 25 June 2007 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

So have I mentioned yet how I love second-hand shopping in America? I bought this second-hand bumbo seat in mint condition for US$7 on Craigslist! Husband did give me a dirty look, saying, "Do you expect us to pack that into our luggage? No space!" But somehow, we managed to do it and so now, 4 month old Ben has a nice comfortable "chair" to sit in! Bumbo Ben!

**p.s. For those of you who don't know, Craigslist is an online classified ads page started by Craig Newmark in 1995. See this article about its phenomenal success. It virtually killed the need for newspaper classfieds, since Craigslist is easy to use, searchable and completely FREE! There is, by the way, a Craigslist Singapore. Posting on Craigslist is really easy - the more people who use it, the better! So try it out!

Hubba Hubba from United States

All I can say in my defense is that I moved 400kg from California to Singapore and it nearly broke my back =(

And the play gym in the background was also brought back from the US too!!! And the play pen ... and all the toys ... enough to set up a little kindergarten =)

25 Jun 2007 7:40am

kairospix from Singapore, Singapore

:) wah spots you have such a supportive hubby! you are blessed!
and so are your kids!

hubba hubba it's tough i know but i believe you are more than willing to make such sacrifices for spots and your little ones, you epitomize Eph 5:25 "Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her" :)

wow i never knew there's a Craiglist Singapore - must check it out! tks for the heads up on that!

25 Jun 2007 1:41pm

Wayne from Melbourne, Australia

Is a bumbo seat made out of the foam crocs are made of? From the picture it really looks like the crocs foam material and in my opinion that indeed makes for one very very comfy seat!

Part of the reason why I think so many international students here are hesitant about returning to their home countries is because of the sheer volume of stuff needed to be carted back home. =s

Absolutely love the bumble bee toy! unless of course it isn't a bumble bee...the nose placement threw me off.

25 Jun 2007 2:56pm

spots from Singapore, Singapore

tis indeed a bumble bee toy, a teething toy, for babies who are... well, teething. :) i think the bumbo is probably made of something similar to crocs, tho it is much softer ... :)

26 Jun 2007 9:04am

Dad from Singapore

Hubba Hubba, the "kindergaten" is well used already back here at home by both your kids who settled in very quickly. Without all those items in the "kindergaten", I think it might have taken longer time. Your effort is already rewarded when you now know that the kids are now comfortable at home. :-D

26 Jun 2007 11:13am

Wayne from Melbourne, Australia

so the bubble bee is meant to be chewed? that is....intriguing...I wish I had a toy like that =S
and the bumbo sounds really a nice foamy bean bag!

27 Jun 2007 11:17am

spots from Singapore, Singapore

it's kinda like a teething toy - for babies who are teething and need something to "chew" on :)

29 Jun 2007 9:04am


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