Daniel: still talks a lot ... some phrases?

Posted by spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 23 March 2007 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

So while I've been breastfeeding & napping, Daniel has progressed from words to mini broken phrases. I don't think he fully understands what he's saying, but he's able to string words together in a fairly comprehensible manner.

Example, when he sees or hears a fire truck, he'll say "Fire truck! Help people! Vooosh! Gone!"
(Interpretation: Look, there's a fire truck. It helps people by spraying water. Voosh! Look it's gone!)

Example 2: "Light! Drop! Boom! Broken! Pain pain!"
(Interpretation: There was this light. And I dropped it on the floor. Boom! And the bulb was broken and the glass on the floor was dangerous and mommy asked me not to step on it otherwise it'll be painful."

Example 3: "Alex! Pour sand! Alex! Play!Outside!"
(Interpretation: Just now, I played with Alex outside and he poured sand on my head.)

Example 4: "Heavy! Dirty! Throw! Heavy! Throw!"
(Interpretation: This is heavy and dirty and must be thrown away.)
This is because we always show him his diaper which is heavy & dirty and tell him we need to throw it away. He's mistakenly transferred this concept to everything that looks dirty or feels heavy.


Hubba Hubba from United States

One more: "Sit! Head! Top!"
(Interpretation: I want to sit on your head daddy!)

24 Mar 2007 1:29am

Dad from Singapore

I am delighted at the progress Dan is showing in his linguistic skills at this age. I am sure you and Bim feel the same way too. Keep talking to him. :-)

24 Mar 2007 1:49am

Wayne from Melbourne, Australia

Kudos to your husband for taking the shot =) It's brilliant!

and double yay for the Australia shirt! =D

you really have to check out baby blues the comic =)

24 Mar 2007 2:14am

Cassia from Singapore

Haha... :-) I love playing with kids but often have problems to understand what they are saying. Now I have learnt some from these interpretations :-)

24 Mar 2007 3:38am

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