Benjamin: kissed by a Daniel!

Posted by spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 15 March 2007 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

I caught this loving scene today. Daniel actually kissed Ben repeatedly, and this is just one of the kisses. It's pure joy to watch the two of them interact. And watching Daniel now has the added joy of giving me something to look forward to in terms of Benjamin growing up. I can't wait!

Emily from San Jose, United States

That is so sweet! Love Daniel's smile and can see some resemblance between the two bros. Happy wedding anniversary to you and Bim.

16 Mar 2007 3:51am

Mama BoK from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Indeed it is a joy to see the older boy kiss the younger.. ;) just so sweet. .and it warms the hear.. ;)

16 Mar 2007 6:02am

Wayne from Melbourne, Australia

Benjamin's so huge =) They sure do grow fast =D

Fantastic photos =D and thanks for sharing them!

By the way how did the Singapore Black Pepper crabs go?

16 Mar 2007 6:11am

spots from singapore, Singapore

Hiyee wayne, well *embarrassed* i hvn't had time to make crabs... actually, i hvn't had time to even boil water recently :(

16 Mar 2007 8:09pm

Dad/Mom/Sally from Singapore

Oh.... A wonderful sight to see Dan showering a kiss on Benj! We are delighted by this show of brotherly love at this early age. We are glad that you are already enjoying to be mother of two boys, watching them grow and tending to their every need 24/7. And we remind you to take care of yourself too while attending to both Dan, Benj and Bim. :-)

17 Mar 2007 3:17am

Wayne from Melbourne, Australia

Haha that's okay Ruth =) I mean you just had Benjamin come into your life =D that's pretty much as full on as you can get by my reckoning =)

Have a great weekend!

17 Mar 2007 6:27am

Cassia from Singapore

:D sweet Dainel, a so loving brother. Dan looks like a big boy really now.

17 Mar 2007 12:40pm

Gigaloop from Singapore

Sooo cute!! So glad to see Dan taking to Benjamin so well. That must be an answered prayer on your part.

18 Mar 2007 4:18pm

spots from singapore, Singapore

Indeed, it is an answered prayer. :) Some parents hv told me that the older kid may start feeling more threatened when the younger kid gets old enough to crawl around and snatch his toys. So, maybe the difficulties will come later, in a few months!

19 Mar 2007 2:32am

Klessis from Singapore, Singapore

Your 2 boys look so much like each other!

21 Mar 2007 2:31pm

alternative_mom from United Kingdom

Very positive way of introducing parents with one kids to have more! :P I'm sure with proper guidance, we can teach our kids to love and share with their siblings! I can't remember if I have asked, I have linked you to my blog, is it ok?

26 Mar 2007 11:26am

@alternative_mom: No problem! :)


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