Daniel: my food is boooring

Posted by spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 13 February 2007 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

Today saw the rare occasion where Daniel fell asleep during lunch. Is the food I cooked that boring? ^__^

Wayne from Melbourne, Australia

Was that mac and chicken? And he's photogenic even when asleep! =D Nice one Spots!

14 Feb 2007 1:06am

spots from singapore, Singapore

yup, mac & chicken! :)

14 Feb 2007 1:09am

Dad from Singapore

Oh No! I hope his dozing off is not consequence of his morning hyperactivity; a burnout ? But he looks good and photogenic in those pictures. Rare indeed to be photographed in those situations. :-)

14 Feb 2007 1:17am

bwee from Singapore

haha... so farnie. Kids can sure sleep in all kinds of positions huh!

14 Feb 2007 6:44am

Cassia from Singapore

Oh, dear Dan... :D

16 Feb 2007 1:46pm

Vanessa from Singapore

Ha ha this is so funny.... :-D

20 Feb 2007 3:48pm


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