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Daniel: talking a lot!

Posted by
spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 3 February 2007 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

Today, I gave Daniel his first oatmeal raisin cookie for snack. He took a bite and said enthusiastically, "MMM! Nice!" It was the first time he said the word "nice", so I burst out laughing and proceeded to document the moment with a pic. He said, "nice" to the shepherd's pie I made for dinner too. ^__^

Dan has certainly been talking a lot the past month. It's as if a switch suddenly got flicked, and he's picking up new words all the time now. I don't think I could list all the words he knows (there're too many), but let me at least try, for posterity's sake:

So, at 17 months, Dan can say:
1. dada
2. mama
3. sleep
4. eat
5. milk
6. pasta
7. kaka (his word for biscuit/cookie)
8. no-no
9. uh-oh
10. sand
11. castle
12. cousin
13. amen
14. bible
15. truck
16. bus
17. car
18. train
19. choo-choo
20. box
21. bag
22. rice
23. pease (his word for please)
24. cold
25. hot
26. up
27. down
28. sit
29. chair
30. atar (his word for water)
31. iken (his word for chicken)
32. hallo (he says this when we pick him up every morn)
33. hi
34. bye
35. bear
36. raff (his word for giraffe)
37. agnet (his word for magnet)
38. book
39. iger (his word for tiger)
40. urtle (his word for turtle)
41. cat
42. dog
43. med-cin (his word for medicine)
44. shake
45. floor
46. fall
47. pain
48. poot (his word for going toilet)
49. wow
50. wipe
51. cook
52. fish
53. light
54. shoes
55. socks
56. or-ash (his word for orange)
57. chair-re (his word for cherry)
58. nana (his word for banana or any fruit)
59. apple
60. pen
61. opin (his word for open)
62. close
63. press
64. push
65. pull
66. Ruth (yes he calls me this sometimes)
67. phone
68. cup
69. egg
70. ear (tho he pronounces it strange)
71. head
72. hair
73. kirkle (his word for circle)
74. fridge
75. ball
76. wegble (his word for vegetable)
77. red
78. cornfla (his word for cornflakes)
79. bread
80. nice
81. bebe (his word for baby)
82. horse
83. fire truck (yes can say this!!)
84. feet
85. hand
86. eye
87. pee pee (his word for penis)
88. shirt
89. go out
90. glass (as in spectacles)
91. bike
92. door
93. six
94. hug (and quickly follows up with the action!)
95. juice
96. no more
97. yes (tho he rarely says this!)
98. bath bath
99. duck
100. cow
101. back
102. waves
103. cray-sn (his word for craisins and raisins)
104. bird
105. bib
106. key
107. others i can't remember!
postscript: he said "Rachel" today! 3 Feb 07. Rachel is his friend!

There are other words he understands but doesn't say, like music, paper, marker, wheel, jacket, slide, wagon, put this back where it belongs, wait, come, go, etc.,

Speaking does make the toddler stage more fun & easy. But it is also where discipline comes in, since the kid can't always have what he wants, even if he is able to communicate it. And you can't always successfully explain to him why he can't have what he wants, since he can't fully understand complex concepts! *sigh*

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Zoltan Fekete from Jaszapati, Hungary

Nice kid :)

3 Feb 2007 6:43am

Dimitrios from ATHENS, Greece

you are very proud of this fella, nice, keep taking care of him, he will grow fast....

3 Feb 2007 9:23am

Wayne from Melbourne, Australia

Wow they do grow up fast =D I think its quite evident food plays a huge role in your family with the number of food items =D and its awesome he knows amen! The fire truck word reminds me alot of Hammie in the baby blues comic =D and he looks so focused on the cookie =D fantastic!

3 Feb 2007 9:56am

Dad from Singapore

Boy..... Dan sure has fast and good linguistic skills! I am glad. Keep on talking to him. He sure has a big storage "disk" for his vocabulary. :-)

3 Feb 2007 10:05am

Jerry from Tampa, United States

Daniel is a handsome young fella! Wonderful shot - a keepsake! Show it to him when he is 18!!!!

3 Feb 2007 10:23am

j. coleman miller from Houston, United States

Glad your enjoying these years so much. Kids are kids such a short time!

3 Feb 2007 5:11pm

bwee from Singapore

So many words!!! I am impressed!!! :D

3 Feb 2007 8:07pm

island from Singapore

wow! tat's a lot! did you note them down on a book or something? ;)

4 Feb 2007 1:56am

spots from singapore, Singapore

wayne - i'm not up to date on my comics - will hv to look up baby blues! maybe it's after my 'generation'! :) yes, he was indeed quite focused on the cookie :)
island - no la - i didn't take note of them in a book. i jus listed it all out from memory - took me.. 15-20 mins ?

4 Feb 2007 3:01am

Alison from Singapore, Singapore

hey ruth, you could start a "Daniel's First Words Dictionary" book!

4 Feb 2007 4:52am

Lynette from Singapore

my son's 1 mth younger than urs, and i can't wait to hear him say 'hmm..nice!' to the dinner i cook for him everyday!

4 Feb 2007 5:38am

spots from singapore, Singapore

:) yea... i think it's cos I always ask him, "Daniel, do you like your food? Is it nice?" So he picked up the word nice ! :) Subtle implanting of compliments! :)

5 Feb 2007 12:11am

Mrs Chew from United Kingdom

You are a fantastic and conscientious mom! :) Do you know that when Daniel says 'nana' and 'raff', he is dropping the quiet syllabus?! I learn about it from 'Listen to Your Child' by David Crystal. This is the cutest linguistic age and you will have many splitting moments, too!!! Capture them down! Good job, Spots!

7 Feb 2007 1:07am

1/42 second
ISO 1600
8 mm