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Imagine a world without children

Posted by
spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 11 January 2007 in Miscellaneous and Portfolio.

I saw a movie last night that will be burned into my memory forever. "Children of Men", starring Clive Owen & Julianne Moore, has got to be the most thought-provoking film out there. Its premise? A world set in the near future where all the women are infertile, and the last birth was 18 years ago. Human beings are, literally, becoming extinct.
If you haven't seen it, pl go and see it. It is stark, gritty, and real. You see, I never really liked children - as in, I was never the super-maternal sort that goes goo-goo ga-ga over kids naturally. And some days, being pregnant while taking care of an active toddler, I find myself too tired & frustrated to see kids as anything but some kind of burden that you can't wait to get rid of. But watching this movie made me see them in a whole new light. Indeed, children are a gift from God, and a joy. In a world without children, there would be no hope. Let's not take our kids for granted. Amen.

Pic: Daniel, 2 weeks old, August 2005

badala from Leiria, Portugal

Lovely... so innocent.

11 Jan 2007 11:29pm

Ee Yuing from Singapore

Beautiful pic of daniel! Beautiful thoughts about the value of children...

12 Jan 2007 4:59am

Ivy-Anne from Australia

those words "some kind of burden that you can't wait to get rid of"...isn't very kind for those childless people who can't be like you who become preggie any time you want...

12 Jan 2007 5:37am

spots from singapore, Singapore

Hi Ivy-Anne, I realise that. And that's also what the movie made me realise - the value of children & how precious they are. In any case, I didn't mean to say that children are a burden - but that sometimes, when you're pregnant & taking care of an active toddler, they certainly do feel that way, even though, in reality, they are not. By the way, I wld jus like to add that being a stay at home mom is tough and very often, people like me find it hard to be totally honest about our situation, since the misunderstanding is that all we do at home is "relax" and "shake our legs" all day, given that we're not in the workplace. So, I'm just trying to be brave & honest about my feelings, even if they are transient & politcally incorrect.

12 Jan 2007 5:42am

Judy from Singapore

I understand what Ruth meant by the words she said. As a SAHM, sometimes you find that you hardly or never have time for yourself. I even have to give up my favourite hobby (baking and cooking) to certain extent, just to make sure Malc is well-taken care of. Everything I do, everywhere I go, I have to bring my son along. Sometimes, I asked myself why did I want to have kid when I never really like kids to begin with? Marriage certainly affected when kid arrived. Everything changed. At times, I wish I could just turn back time and enjoy my freedom I used to have. However, when I see Malc smiles at me so sweetly, my world brightens up. With Ruth being pregnant now, what she is dealing with is many times tiring and trying than me. All I can say is, you have done well, Ruth. :) Each time I see you cooked or baked, I told myself I should be doing that too.

13 Jan 2007 6:31am

@Judy: Judy, thanks for your empathy & support. I'm so glad there's another SAHM out there who understand what I'm saying! :) As for cooking - I usually stick to really easy stuff, so it's manageable! ;)

Still from Valence, France

Lovely image! The strength of childhood!

13 Jan 2007 3:06pm

BuddingCook from United States

I'm going goo goo ga ga over that picture! :) Daniel is cute. I don't know if I'm maternal but I'm drawn to babies because they are too cute. Baby bunnies, duckies, humans. :)

13 Jan 2007 4:20pm

spots from singapore, Singapore

teehee... i think u're maternal then! ;)

13 Jan 2007 4:35pm

Dimitrios from ATHENS, Greece

may Daniel grow up to be a blessing to the world and a peace maker. It is our duty to protect the children world wide, kind regards fro a father of two grown ups...

16 Jan 2007 6:55am

@Dimitrios: thanks so much dimitrios! :)

Verna from United States

I'll have to watch that movie. Sounds interesting. As I see friends struggling to stay sane with the arrival of a first child, contemplating how in the world they're going back to work in a few months, I see the difficulty that children bring to life. Being a parent is a completely selfless task. And try as you might to bring up your kids right, you never know how they'll turn out because they have free will. Being a parent must bring you to your knees... enough babbling. I'll see the movie.

17 Jan 2007 8:12pm

@Verna: so good that u hv such deep thoughts :) u'll be a good mother! ;)

Dad from Singapore

:-) :-) ;-)
Yes, I am happy knowing your feelings about Dan and expecting Benj. Its not going to be easy looking after a toddler and a newborn. I am sure you have the strength and will to carry you through in the months ahead, especially now that you are inspired by "Children of Men".

18 Jan 2007 12:09am