An update on Daniel

Posted by spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 28 August 2006 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

For those who miss him and are wondering what he's been up to:

1. Recent diet:

a. FULL FAT cow's milk - American supermarkets do not sell Formula for above 12 month olds. It is the norm for babies to switch to cow's milk when they hit 1, so Daniel has done the same! He loves it!

b. Mommy's yummy oyster chicken wings, Japanese potato stew, spaghetti bolognaise, and macaroni and cheese

c. Random sips of strawberry cream milk shake

2. Recent favourite activities: Climbing up and down our staircase, pointing at things and gesticulating with his hands as if saying, "What's that?", sorting his stacking cups (though he usually gets it wrong, and ends up trying to stuff the bigger cup into the smaller cup. DUH?!)

Oh we also bought him a second-hand wooden table and 2 chairs, for $15! He likes sitting there - guess it makes him feel so adult!

Fujifilm FinePix F10
1/20 second
ISO 1600
8 mm


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