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Grace Sii on How would I sum up July?
Hi Ruth, do u still write?

Grace Sii on Kids first, job second?
What a read! Simply lovely for me:)

Grace Sii on Musings on marriage
I know this comment is so far from future... lol..but it’s timely:) thanks for sharing!

Rozaini De Santis on Homemade play dough recipe!
Have tried the no cook play dough many times, just cannot get the right consistency ... will stick to the cooked play ...

ikan hias on Recipe: Chocolate Charlotte Cake
i like this

Cowe on Homemade play dough recipe!
Awful recipe. Had to add another cup of flour and half cup of salt because it came out sticky goo. It's still too ...

R2esteves on To buy or not to buy?
Wonderful waffle maker, large and bulky I place it down in cabinet, got it for free from sister and hubby replaced ...

Tam on Thunder Tea Rice recipe
Thanks for sharing the recipe, I tried but it does not turn out in bright green instead a v dark green. How to improve ...

Aussie Mum on Homemade play dough recipe!
I made it today, SR flour worked fine. (I normally use plain but only had SR today) I have made dozens of batches on ...

Tiff on Changi Cottage: Day 1
How about the kitchen facilities? Am told it is not airconditioned, does it mean kitchen is outside the cottage?

Ptck on Our family's road trip to West Malaysia #11
Very beautiful composition with lovely vegetation

Marie-Line on Strawberries!

Kyu on Our family's road trip to West Malaysia #3
A nice shot with beautiful colors.

Lyn on Kids first, job second?
We have uncannily similar backgrounds! Agree with so much of what you wrote. Here's my take on the issue. :) ...

Elsie on Kids first, job second?
Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts! I'm a SAHM with two terrors, 3half and 1half, living in Taiwan ...

Christine on Vietnamese pomelo and prawn salad
Thanks Ruth for this recipe. I made this for a CNY Gathering and got raving reviews..its so tangy and appetizing! ...

Emily on Holiday @ Kota Kinabalu
Sounds like a wonderfully laid-back holiday!

c baker on Recipe: Chocolate Charlotte Cake
I have made this twice in the last week but found it originally on Come Dine with Me, absolutely delicious !

Gracey on Dan at kay poh baptist church kindergarten
Hi. Its abt 2 years since you wrote this blog. I am about to send my 2+ yr old girl to Prenursery next year 2013. ...

SalSa on Jelly mooncakes!
It has very beautiful art in it ...It is good that You eat an artistic food or dessert

a l on KL Family Trip #1
who do u think a l has been all this time? :D

spots on KL Family Trip #1

Jodie on Homemade play dough recipe!
Tried this for the kids today and they loved it!! Had to add more flour but we are at high altitude so I have to do ...

a l on KL Family Trip #1
erm. i would really love to see that book pls? ^_^

Dad on cambodia mission trip
I think the mission work had opened all the participants' eyes about life and how we can help each other in this ...

omid on cambodia mission trip
wow! very nice!

l'Angevine on a japanese dinner !
de bons légumes pour la bonne santé des petits

Dad on a japanese dinner !
We were very happy to know during the feasting that both Dan and Ben helped in preparing the sushi. The sushi tasted ...

Van Teo on School holidays: Desaru!
Thank you so much for babysitting Gab and Naomi!! You guys are such a blessing!! :-D

Soheil on Grilled
nice shot well done

Dad on Dan completes his Grade 1 Exam!
I think Dan deserves a pass in his piano exam. We are looking forward to the announcement of this exam.

Curly on Mushrooms and Tomatoes
Wow, fabulous use of shallow dof.

omid on Mushrooms and Tomatoes

Curly on Asparagus
Absolutely wonderful :-)

Dimitrios on Esther: running

spots on Update on Esther
we can't wait to see u & ur family too! =)

sarah on Update on Esther
my goodness! she's really grown! it feels like we've been apart for many years but it's been only 5 ...

Dad on Daniel is in Primary 1
Yes, Daniel has grown up to be a good boy, going about doing things expected of him with plenty of zest, without ...

ORBIT on Koh Samui #5: Paradise Park Farm
CuUute :))

Curly on Our family's trip to Koh Samui #1
Great foreground element, you have put this picture together very well.

Ralf Kesper on Our family's trip to Koh Samui #1
Very nice mood & atmosphere.

Dad on Jurong Bird Park Feather Run 2011
Very encouraging ! Hope I can stay fit to participate with Dan and Ben.

spots on One-on-one time with Ben
i think the kids were 3 or 4 when i started one on one time =)

hungry kelpie on One-on-one time with Ben
That is a wonderful idea! I've heard of Daddy daughter dates on rare occasions but have never really thought using ...

Dad on One-on-one time with Ben
Spending time with your kids is the most treasured activity that all parents must do, especially from their early ...

Dad on Update on Esther Lau
Playing with Esther has made our life more happier. Seeing her growing up, doing the things she did , surprised us at ...

Megan on To buy or not to buy?
I ve bought the Waring waffle maker recently. It rather space consuming so if u hv limited space , must think twice. Gd ...

Wai Fong on Daniel playing piano: Au Clair De Lune & video
Agree with you. Kids being kids will tend to give up when faced with difficulties, esp when they do not get it right ...

Wai Fong on Daniel plays Gavotta + video
Daniel plays very well! Most importantly, I can see that he is enjoying every single moment of it.

Dad on Daniel plays Gavotta + video
Well, Spots I am glad that my comments over the last 3 years - about Dan's skills in playing the piano - are ...

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