About spots

Here's a picture of me eating. Ha. It was taken in between my 1st and 2nd pregnancies, I think. I still do love eating - but I definitely cook less (because of aforementioned pregnancies & children that spilt forth thereafter) & consequently, my once-food blog has retired & I am starting up this aminus3 thingy: a more photo-heavy blog, with photos about a broader variety of things - babies, parenting, marriage, life, travel, the christian life and yes, occasionally, food & recipes.

Given that categories are set for you in aminus3, I'm afraid food & recipes will be categorised as "still life" (by some stretch of the imagination, I'm sure everyone will be able to see how the two are connected intimately *cough*) and pictures of my ever-burgeoning family will be under "people & portraits". As for other pictures and sharings, they'll probably be under "miscellaneous", OR, we'll just wing it as we move along. I don't foresee myself blogging every milisecond of every day, so it shouldn't a problem or anything.

My old blog (2004-2006) is still up on the web - with recipes, reflections, and early pics of Daniel (my 1st son).

And of course, I still have my flickr account, where I store my photos more abundantly.

Do check them out!
And hope you enjoy my new aminus3 photoblog! Pl do leave a comment or two if you drop by. It's great to make new friends over the web!

(By the way, I'm a Singaporean, currently overseas in Palo Alto, California)