To buy or not to buy?

Posted by spots (Singapore, Singapore) on 24 June 2007 in Food & Cuisine and Portfolio.

Maybe you can help me decide - should I buy a waffle maker?


This waffle maker is the Waring Pro WMK300 Waffle Maker. The image is from Amazon.

Popeye from Singapore

Ask yourself, do you need it?

24 Jun 2007 7:21am

Robert from Hamburg, United States

NO WAY ....... it's a waste of counter space , unless you own a waffle shop !!!

24 Jun 2007 10:38am

spots from Singapore, Singapore


24 Jun 2007 11:34am

island from Singapore

wow cool! i like this!! how much is it ah? hmm... if you are gonna eat waffles often then yes, worth it to get... or perhaps get a cheaper one? ;)

24 Jun 2007 4:13pm

Wayne from Melbourne, Australia

I reckon it might be a white elephant unless of course you've got heaps of counter top which case the more the merrier. =D
I think a crepe pan would be a better investment because with that you can dress the dish up or down.

25 Jun 2007 12:58am

JO from Singapore

welcome back! I bought a waffle maker from Giant and the brand is morris.. only 19 bucks and they churn out delicions waffles too!

25 Jun 2007 3:50am

spots from Singapore, Singapore

AH HA!!!! THANK YOU JO!!! Do u hv good recipe for waffle? Pl let me know!!

25 Jun 2007 11:17am

JO from Singapore

i will give it to you... its really easy and i put rasins in it..... yummy

26 Jun 2007 5:45am

bwee from Singapore

Ahhh... pls share yr yummy waffle recipe here if u ever get down to making them k? heehee... :)

27 Jun 2007 5:10pm

Jenny from Singapore

Hi, just wanna enquire if u did get the waffle maker ?
Is the power voltage the same ?
I gotten hook to Gelare Cafe's waffles recently, been trying to find a deep indentattions waffle maker locally, w/o success.

27 Jul 2007 7:21am

spots from Singapore

i haven't bought it yet :(

1 Aug 2007 5:34am

shrek from Singapore

anyone can recommend a place where i can buy a good waffle iron here in singapore. ive looked everywhere eg.(fairprice, carrefour, giant, best, harvey norman, courts) nut it seems theyre not selling it any more. only brand i saw was Philips the 3in1 but that one i dont like.


5 Mar 2009 11:13am

Megan from Singapore

I ve bought the Waring waffle maker recently. It rather space consuming so if u hv limited space , must think twice. Gd thing its easy to clean after use.

22 Oct 2011 9:00am


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